Dec 28, 2006

Diana's blog

This blog was created in response to reader demand. People want constant updates on my experience with the investigative book Harvest of Women: Safari in Mexico (Peace at the Border, 2006), and this is one way of answering everyone's questions without having to answer every single phone call or email, sometimes in different languages.
The book was published first in Spanish as Cosecha de Mujeres: Safari en el desierto mexicano (Oceano, 2005), which delayed the English version. The book exposes the murders of girls and women in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico and beyond.
This time, we took measures to avoid or reduce the kind of sabotage we experienced with the Spanish version of the book.
2006 film
Lorena Mendez-Quiroga, a news producer in L.A., released her documentary on the tragic topic (in English) titled Border Echoes. It is straightforward and based on reality. A mother of one of the victims said it was the best film treatment of the subject she has seen to date. The theatrical screening for Lorena's film took place in on Sept. 27 in Los Angeles, the same date the book in English was released. The documentary reflects nearly 10 years of research.
Gregory Nava and Barbara Jitner Martinez (of the Bordertown movie) attended the screening. The last word on Bordertown, according to news media in New Mexico, is that it will debut at the 2007 Berlin Film Festival. Reportedly, it will be shown in U.S. theaters in the fall. Border Echoes will be shown at the Seattle Film Festival in February.
Next: The threats
Another question I get all the time is how I've handled the threats. I will address this here only insofar as it may be instructive for other writers