Feb 21, 2007

Women killing fields from Canada to Guatemala

For Global Online
Feb. 20, 2007

The new war zones

Women who are treated as marginal members of their communities are being disappeared and slaughtered with impunity. We are seeing this disturbing pattern in Canada, where 500 indigenous women have been killed or disappeared over the past 20 years. Amnesty International has been looking into this. Canada is a First World country. We see the same thing taking place in Mexico, where Ciudad Juarez served as the flashpoint to attract attention to this trend. We know of the brutal and numerous murders of women in Guatemala, which no doubt are being committed in complicity with organized crime to terrorize the country. If someone starts to investigate women's murders in the United States more indepth, we likely will find that the majority of victims of violence are women from low-income circles.
(More later on all this)