May 1, 2007

Diana honored for her investigation

From the publicist:

The Paso Del Norte Civil Rights Project will present Diana Washington Valdez with its Speak Truth to Power Award for her work on the Juarez women's murders during a ceremony May31 in El Paso, Texas.

Here is an excerpt from the letter announcing the 2007 award given in memory of the late journalist Ruben Salazar:

"Your work regarding the Juarez murders is especially inspiring because you have helped to give a voice to the victims. Although now the story is getting new attention due to the upcoming movie and some other books that have been published, we wish to recognize you for your early and unwavering commitment to the story and issues of violence and corruption in our communities. We try to carry on that legacy in our organization and would be honored to thank you for your work and the great example you have set for us by presenting you with this award."

Briana Stone