Jun 10, 2007

Barnes & Noble Best Seller- The Killing Fields: Harvest of Women

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By Kelly McKenzie
June 5, 2007

Book is a best-seller

The Killing Fields: Harvest of Women was the No. 1 best seller the week ending June 3 at Barnes and Noble.

People from Ciudad Juarez, New Mexico, West Texas, and out-of-region visitors were among those who snapped up the book.

Law enforcement officers, including police commanders, also bought the book.

One of the journalists who accompanied author Diana Washington Valdez to a book signing reported seeing a "spy," a man the journalist recognized from Ciudad Juarez who wore athletic gear and a baseball cap with the Corona logo.

During one of the past signings, the Juarez drug cartel had sent two emissaries to confront the author. They showed up, looked around at the crowd, and left without approaching her.

Due to popular demand, Barnes and Noble continues to stock Cosecha de Mujeres (2005 Spanish version) by Diana Washington Valdez.

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