Sep 5, 2007

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Coming soon: "Border Echoes" - a 90-minute film documentary that exposes the Juarez women's murders.

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The Killing Fields of Juarez: Grabbing the World's Attention
Local reporter and author Diana Washington Valdez has dedicated much of her time to an investigation into Juarez’ dark secret: the killings of hundreds and hundreds of women in just over a decades time. Read about the dangers she faced and how her work is inspiring Hollywood.
It took Valdez five years to investigate and write the first version of “The Killing Fields,” which was initially published in Spanish in 2005. She spent another two years working on developing updated material for the English version, published in 2006.
Though she has received praise for her work, Valdez says she also received several threats. “I can’t go back to Ciudad Juarez,” she says. “I knew it would happen in time,” she adds, “but I consider myself very fortunate because other people have been killed down there who have been involved in investigating this or advocating or had some kind of role.”
In addition to the threats on her life, Valdez says certain individuals, some within the Mexican government, have sought to discredit her book. At first, the authorities denied a public response, she says, but last year, as the government was about to release its official report on the slayings, a federal official in charge of the investigation told La Reforma, a major Mexican newspaper, that he was going to refute, point by point, everything that was in Valdez’ book. “I didn’t think his job was to refute my book,” she says. “It was to investigate murders.”
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