Jan 21, 2008

Border killing fields claim young girl and 3 police

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Jan. 22, 2008

Young girl savagely murdered; 3 more cops killed

By Kelly McKenzie

JUAREZ, MEXICO -- The new year brought with it a series of crimes that horrified the city.
Among the crimes so far are the rape and stabbing death of a 10 -year girl in her home Jan. 20.
But, don't look for the police. They're getting killed, and their attackers are probably other police.
This past week alone, three city police officials were killed execution style, and a fourth, a state police official, is fighting for his life after a shooting attack. The policemen were assigned to strategic positions in their respective departments.
It is not the first time Juarez has experienced a purge of their ranks by drug cartel operatives.
In the past, such hits have been carried out by other police on the cartel's payroll.
City Police Chief Guillmero Prieto appears unable to stop the violence. In that, he is no different from his predecessors.
The recent wave of violence coincides with the arrests in El Paso, Texas, of Barrio Aztecas gang members, and Saulo Reyes Gamboa, a prominent businessman and former Juarez police official on drug-trafficking charges.
Saulo Reyes Gamboa served under former Juarez mayors Hector Murguia, Gustavo Elizondo and Ramon Galindo.
In Chihuahua City, nothing more has been said about the six bodies recovered this week from a clandestine grave, which authorities attributed to the Juarez drug cartel.
The cartel is responsible for the disappearances and deaths of hundreds of men in Juarez since 1993.