Feb 4, 2008

Los Tigres del Norte and author

Pictured above is Jorge Hernandez (Los Tigres del Norte) with author Diana Washington Valdez. [Photo by Peace Books, LLC]
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By Kelly McKenzie
Feb. 4, 2008
EL PASO, TEXAS (Feb. 2, 2008) -- Los Tigres del Norte performed a terrific concert at the El Paso County Coliseum on Feb. 2. During their stay in El Paso, the music group's leader also met with author Diana Washington Valdez.
Los Tigres had copies of her book in Spanish (Cosecha de Mujeres) and English (The Killing Fields), which she autographed for them. Los Tigres performed their song about the femicides called "Las Mujeres de Juarez."
Jorge Hernandez, lead Tigres member, said the European press was very interested about their experience with Juarez.
"We toured Europe, and we were asked about the Juarez murders and our song "Mujeres de Juarez" more often than about anything else," Jorge Hernandez said.
The author said Hernandez was gracious.
"I thanked Los Tigres for their songs of advocacy, for truly bring a Voz del Pueblo. Not many artists have the guts to do these kind of songs. Their willingness to sing about real issues has only enhanced their super star status, not detracted from it."
Los Tigres official web site is at http://www.lostigresdelnorte.com/