Feb 11, 2008

Maquiladora manager cleared in Juarez femicide

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Maquiladora manager cleared in 1993 Juarez femicide
By Kelly McKenzie
JUAREZ (02.11.2008) -- A maquiladora manager who supervised one of the 1993 Juarez femicide victims was cleared of the homicide charge against him after he obtained an amparo (a document similar to habeas corpus).
Bernardo González Sohlé, the accused, was detained in the state of Querataro in June 2007, and charged with the brutal rape and death of Guadalupe Ivonne Estrada Salas, a maquiladora worker whose body was found in June 1993 in the Chamizal Park in Juarez. He denied the allegations.
State authorities alleged he had a romantic relationship with the 16-year-old girl. According to a state document, he had admitted to giving her rides at times. He was released in September 2007.
Although authorities said they considered an appeal, and after a series of judicial reversals in the case, they are working against the statute of limitations of 14 years for homicides in Chihuahua state. This means, the 1993 cases are among the first in the long saga that will expire, a law defense lawyers no doubt will invoke in each of these cases.
[The case is referenced in "The Killing Fields: Harvest of Women" by Diana Washington Valdez.]