Mar 2, 2008

Dinah Washington song & YouTube
MZM Marketing & Public Relations
March 2, 2008
Lorena Garza

We saw the question and got in touch with Diana Washington Valdez right away due to the curiosity factor (including our own). Here's the question and her response:

Question: Diana, are you related to the late jazz singer Dinah Washington?

Answer: People ask me this all the time. If I had an ounce of her music talent, then I probably would not need to work as hard as we all must. I love the TV commercial and I have some of Dinah Washington's music in my collection. So that everyone knows what we're talking about, I asked MZM to provide a link on this blog to a YouTube video with that fabulous song. The video is not the TV ad, and it may be one of several that the online community has posted on the net. But, it's cool. Sometimes, we just need to catch our breath and listen to something positive. Enjoy the video and the song!