Mar 31, 2008

Mexican army posts hotlines for tips

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Hotlines for citizens to provide army with tips, leads

The Mexican Secretariat of Defense has provided two (allegedly) secure hotlines for citizens to provide information about organized crime in Juarez, Mexico. The following numbers with Juarez area code were announced:

(656) 288-0657 - Mexico army hotline

(656) 288-0658 - Mexico army hotline

Telephones for the DEA and FBI in El Paso, Texas are:

(915) 832-6000 - DEA

(915) 832-5000 - FBI
Rival factions are dueling it out on YouTube with references to JL and Chihuahua. YouTube has videos by supposed opposing members, some who denounce alleged corruption of authorities, others who posted videos defending the authorities as honest and under attack, and still others hint at a change in the hierarchy of local drug lords who may belong to the Juarez drug cartel.