Apr 21, 2008

Border meltdown: Boy, 8, and teacher killed in violent acts in Juarez; Mexico, military finds 13 tons of marijuana

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April 21, 2008

By Kelly McKenzie

Two more shocking deaths at the border

8-year-old boy is killed in attack against father; a teacher is shot to death near Fabens, Texas border; her child is spared; second passenger missing

JUAREZ -- A woman the Mexican authorities said was a teacher in Juarez and who lived in El Paso County was shot to death Sunday night in Caseta, which is on the Mexican side of the border opposite Fabens, Texas. She was identified as 29-year-old Aglae Amaya Nuñez.
Her child, who was a passenger in the vehicle with her and a third person, an unidentified man, escaped the fatal gunfire.The man who is missing is presumed kidnapped.
On April 18, police reported the shooting death of Juarez policeman Alejandro Martinez Casas, 32, and his 8-year-old son, Alejandro Martinez Cruz.
Investigators said unknown assailants fired around 250 AK-47 rounds at Martinez and his son when they were inside their vehicle at the corner of Cuba and Texcoco streets in Juarez.
On April 21, military officials reported seizing 13 tons of marijuana, including 9 tons from a residence on Morelia street, in the Del Real subdivision of Juarez. Earlier, Mexican federal officials said Juarez "is awash in drugs."