May 18, 2008

Mexican ex-congressman slain in Juarez, Mexico with two others in brutal wave of violence

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File photo courtesy of Fronte Net: A mob-style execution in Juarez this year.

Ex-Congressman/federal administrator is kidnapped and strangled; authorities speculate he was in the wrong place at the wrong time

May 18, 2008

By Kelly McKenzie

JUAREZ - Former Mexican federal congressman Carlos F. Camacho Alcazar and the federal government's consumer protection agency's director in Juarez was kidnapped Friday and found dead the following day, authorities reported.
Camacho, who was found inside the trunk of a car, was strangled.
Police said he was kidnapped late Friday when he went to check on the commotion caused by a group of masked men who were pounding on doors at his apartment complex.
Witnesses said the armed men kept asking for someone nicknamed "Miedo" (fear). They grabbed a man tentatively identified as a restaurant owner, and Camacho, who tried to find out whether the men were soldiers.
The following day, the three men were found inside a vehicle.
Camacho was a member of the National Action Party (PAN) with a long record of public service.
The deaths were the latest in the brutal wave of violence attributed to drug dealers and corrupt police.
The authorities confirmed the detention last week of Pedro Sanchez, an enforcer of the Carrillo Fuentes cartel in the state of Chihuahua.
On Monday, the Juarez city police will be led by a retired military official in an attempt to rein in the force.
City Public Safety Director Guillermo Prieto (the police chief) resigned in the midst of threats. This was his second time as the city's police chief.
No changes in the Chihuahua state police were announced.