Jun 10, 2008

Slain woman and threats to Juarez police an odd coincidence

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June 10, 2008

Woman's body left near Cristo Negro; list of threatened police left at pink cross at Juarez entrance
Survivors: Slain girl used as 'shield' in separate attack

By Kelly McKenzie

JUAREZ - The body of the latest woman killed in Juarez was discovered Monday in a desert parcel near Cristo Negro, where at least six former female victims were found in 2002-2003.
At the city's entrance, authorities were alerted the same day to a new "list" of police officers targeted by alleged organized crime elements. The cardboard containing the list was left at the bottom of the pink cross with "justicia" written on it; the cross was erected at the site in honor of the slain women of Juarez. The woman found Monday has not been identified.
A couple of days ago, a young Juarez girl, Alexia Moreno, 12, was killed by a bullet from an Ak-47 after a group of armed men fired at the vehicle she was riding in. Authorities are investigating an initial report that Moreno and her two cousins were used as shields during the attack after the three girls allegedly were forced into the vehicle by a pair of young thugs the armed men were pursuing. The girls' kidnappers reportedly fled on foot with the armed men still in pursuit.