Aug 30, 2008

Israel group shows solidarity with Mexicans against violence via YouTube

Light a candle for peace in Mexico

El Universal newspaper in Mexico City published a story about a video uploaded on YouTube by people in Israel who wanted to show their solidarity with Mexican citizens who are marching enmasse against the wholesale violence and insecurity that is shaking their country. The daily newspaper also reported that approximately 3,000 people have been killed this year in Mexico in violent acts linked to organized crime. Two women were beheaded in Durango, a dozen other victims in the state of Yucatan, a man in Chihuahua, and on it goes. It's amazing how people in other countries are able to recognize a serious problem when they see one, while the U.S. government for the most part has remained silent. People are asking, why isn't the U.S. media all over this? Why is the national media assigning top-notch reporters to cover non-issues related to Britney Spears and Paris Hilton? Media from other countries have traveled to Juarez, Mexico, to learn more about what's going on. Like the systematic murders and disappearances of women in Mexico and Canada, this phenomenon, which has turned Mexico into a virtual war zone, is tremendously underreported. People everywhere are praying; you can, too.

We will provide the direct link to the YouTube video from Israel as soon as we locate it. We also know that media from the Arab world is interested in what is taking place. - The Editors.