Oct 30, 2008

C-SPAN interviews author of The Killing Fields in El Paso, Texas

Photo by Jack Galindo/C-Span at El Paso Main Public Library

By Kelly McKenzie
Oct. 30, 2008

EL PASO - The C-SPAN mobile unit will be in El Paso, Texas, today.
Among other things, the public affairs cable TV network will interview Diana Washington Valdez, author of The Killing Fields: Harvest of Women, in front of the El Paso Downtown Public Library.
See today's El Paso Times www.elpasotimes.com for a story on developments in the Juarez femicides.
This Friday, the producers of "Bajo Juarez" expect the provocative Spanish-language documentary to be shown at one of the commercial theaters in Juarez.
You can help by donating to the Frontera Women's Foundation scholarship for girls and women from low-income families in Juarez.