Dec 7, 2008

2 Juarez university female students missing, professor shot to death

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UPDATE (Dec. 17, 2008) - Anali Arlene Chozet Munoz has turned up without being harmed, but Lidia Ramos Mancha remains missing.

UACJ teens disappear, professor killed

By Kelly McKenzie
Dec. 7, 2008

(JUAREZ, MEXICO) - Two teenage girls who attended the Autonomous University of Juarez (UACJ) are reported missing, and a psychology professor who taught at the same campus was shot to death, according to Chihuahua state authorities.
The professor, Gerardo González Guerrero, died Dec. 4 in a shooting attack at the intersection of Canario and Ruiseñor while riding in a vehicle with another man who was seriously injured.
The UACJ students, Analí Arlene Chozet Muñoz, 17, and Lidia Ramos Mancha, 17, were reported missing on separate dates, but relatives complained the authorities failed to issue an "Alba" alert (similar to the U.S. Amber Alert).
Ramos was last seen catching a bus the morning of Dec. 1, and Chozet Muñoz vanished the morning of Nov. 24, also after catching a bus to school.
More than 100 girls and women have been killed in Juarez this year, according to state officials.
"The disappearance of these two students is eerily similar to the disappearance of Guadalupe Luna de la Rosa, a 19-year-old Juarez college student who also was last seen boarding a bus on Sept. 30, 2000," said Diana Washington Valdez, author of the The Killing Fields: Harvest of Women.
"At first, the authorities insisted Lupita was among the eight "cotton field" victims whose bodies discovered in November 2001. However, news DNA tests and other tests years later proved Lupita was not among them. Officially, she remains missing to this day."