Jul 3, 2009

Author travels to England to discuss the Mexico femicides with Al Jazeera-English TV

At left is Rageh Omaar, Al Jazeera-English TV show host. [Photo courtesy of Al Jazeera.] At left is author-journalist Diana Washington Valdez next to the Thames River in London. [Photo courtesy of Peace Books/Copyright 2009]

Al Jazeera takes on the Juarez femicides
By Kelly McKenzie

LONDON - Al Jazeera plans to air a special program on the femicides in Juarez, Mexico, featuring author-journalist Diana Washington Valdez of El Paso, Texas, and footage by international correspondent and film producer Sandra Jordan.
Popular Al Jazeera journalist Rageh Omaar is host of "Witness," the program that will highlight the femicides.
Ms. Washington Valdez's schedule this year has included other trips to Europe. She has also been to more than 20 U.S. cities and Mexico to speak on the femicides. She is the author of The Killing Fields: Harvest of Women (Cosecha de Mujeres in Spanish), an investigative book about the femicides in Mexico, drug cartels and political corruption. Her next book due out later this year is titled Mexican Roulette: Last Cartel Standing.
"In addition to being a talented journalist, Mr. Rageh Omaar was a gracious host," Washington Valdez said. "I am grateful to him and his network for their interest in the ongoing systematic murders of women in Mexico. We're seeing these kinds of murders in Guatemala, Africa, and in other places that would surprise you, where women and children are being placed in harm's way, mainly because of governmental negligence and a wanton disregard for human life."