Sep 11, 2010

El Paso Times: Retaliation for boy kidnapping is behind the latest violence

[Blog Team: "Boy" could be a reference to a cartel member who is nicknamed "El Nino," or the Boy, according to alleged cartels' back-and-forth messages.]

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By Aileen B Flores & Adriana M. Chavez/El Paso Times

JUAREZ - The slayings of 25 people -- including women and teenagers -- in a series of multiple killings Thursday night was a systematic attack in apparent retaliation for a kidnapping of child, officials said Friday.

Mayor Jose Reyes Ferriz said the wave of killings was connected to messages left on two walls allegedly by the Juárez drug cartel threatening retaliation against the Sinaloa drug cartel for the kidnapping.
In a matter of hours Thursday, deliberate and brutal slayings took place in different neighborhoods in the city.
"Yesterday was a day of extreme violence, especially multiple murders, where criminal groups sent several messages and threats that have to be analyzed (by authorities)," Reyes Ferriz said in a news statement.
José Ramón Salinas, a Mexican federal police spokesman, said authorities are aware of the messages, but he declined to comment because of the ongoing investigation.
One message written on a wall read: "Be men, return the boy or else you will get into a war that you will regret. Att. Diego"
Its not known who was kidnapped or when it took place.
Even for Juárez, which has been in the clutches of a drug war that has claimed the lives of more than 6,000 people since 2008, the attacks Thursday were shocking.
The victims ranged in age from 15 to 60.