Dec 17, 2010

Activist mother murdered in front of Chihuahua City state building; her death was caught on camera

Sergio Rafael Barraza, the suspected killer of Rubi's daughter, confessed to the 2008 murder and apologized publicly. The girl's mother found him in Zacatecas and notified the police. He was detained but escaped and allegedly had joined the Zetas. Rubi's mother was recorded by security cameras in front of the Chihuahua state building last night. - Kelly McKenzie

Activist "Rubi's Mom" killed in Chihuahua City

by Daniel Borunda \ El Paso Times

Posted: 12/16/2010 11:24:15 PM MST

A mother on a quest to find her daughter's killer was fatally shot Thursday night in front of the state capitol in Chihuahua City.

Better known simply as "Rubi's mom," Maricela Escobedo was an activist and self-made investigator seeking to bring to justice the person who killed her daughter, Rubi Marisol Freyre Escobedo, in [Juarez].

State prosecutor Jorge Gonzalez Nicolas late Thursday confirmed the homicide of Escobedo, who was shot while collecting signatures in front of the state capitol.

Gonzalez said security cameras filmed the attack and there were also four witnesses.

Gonzalez said Escobedo exchanged words with a man, who then pulled out a handgun. She was shot in the head while trying to run to safety.

The prosecutor said investigators were following several leads and had several clues, including a single 9 mm bullet casing found next to a cigarette butt the shooter had in his mouth moments earlier.

Escobedo had been on a quest to bring her daughter's killer to justice after a state tribunal cleared a man arrested in Rubi Freyre's death.

"She had given us important information she had found herself about the tragic death of her daughter," Gonzalez said. "She provided important information to prosecutors and federal police from the investigations she was doing and that were being supported by prosecutors."

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