Dec 11, 2010

Documentary: "Border Echoes" reveals systematic murders of women in Juarez, Mexico

Mexican officials and others attend Dec. 10 ceremony at the site where bodies of 8 young women's bodies were found in November 2001. A memorial in honor of the "cotton field" victims will be constructed there. A year ago, the InterAmerican Court for Human Rights instructed the Mexican government to erect such a monument and to reinvestigate the 2001 case.The tribunal issued these and other instructions related to the notorious femicides. So far, the only one in progress is the monument. Photo courtesyof El Mexicano.

New books

"The Killing Fields: Harvest of Women" - Update in 2011
"Cosecha de Mujeres" - Actualizado en 2011
"Mexican Roulette: Last Cartel Standing" - Release in 2011
"La Ruleta Mexicana: El Cartel Restante" - Estreno en 2011


"Border Echoes" - documentary film by California producer Lorena Mendez-Quiroga