Mar 16, 2011

Businesses in Juarez hired Zetas paramilitaries

U.S. cable alleges Zetas operated as paramilitaries in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico
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By Kelly McKenzie (03/15/2011)

CIUDAD JUAREZ, MEXICO -- A U.S. diplomatic document appears to confirm that Zetas have been operating in Juarez, Mexico, during the drug cartel wars in the city.
Several businessmen allegedly hired the Zetas to protect their businesses.
The group consisted of at least eight Zetas who allegedly went to see military commanders in Juarez so they could purchase weapons from the army.
The weapons they wanted were the guns and rifles that the army had seized. The Zetas promised not to use the weapons against soldiers.
Mexican officials have denied the presence of paramilitaries in the state of Chihuahua, although the rumors persisted.
The information in the document came from Mexican officials and their informants.