Mar 7, 2011

La Mujer Obrera celebrates March 8 International Day of the Woman

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Posted by J.J. Schwartz/03-7-2011

Press Release

Honoring three border women in El Paso

La Mujer Obrera Award Fundraiser
March 8, 2011
Mercado Mayapan
2101 Myrtle Street

Contact: Cemelli de Aztlan

“La Mujer Obrera Awards” fundraiser on International Women’s Day, March 8th, 2011 where we will be honoring notable women leaders in the community who have dedicated their lives promoting and upholding the rights of women on the border.

Our honorees include:

- Diana Washington Valdez- El Paso Times journalist who has put her own life on the line investigting the mass murders of women in Cuidad Juarez and continues to advocate against the violence and impunity occuring in Juarez.
- Terri Garcia- Vice President at Bank of America in El Paso who has taken great strides to ensure that low-income women have the tools and resources to break the cycle of poverty.
- Alicia Marentes- Grassroots United Farm Worker advocate whose dedicated her life representing El Paso migrants in support of labor and human rights.

La Mujer Obrera has been a strong presence on the border for the past 28 years. We educate and employ disenfranchised women in our community, and through our social enterprise business initiatives, we are breaking the cycle of poverty.

In this critical time, we are seeking support to continue our arts and educational programming. Proceeds from “La Mujer Obrera Awards” benefit buffet dinner assist us in supporting low-income women’s efforts in creating sustainable micro-enterprises in El Paso where women are creating a livelihood for themselves and their families. We welcome your support of our efforts toward educational and economic opportunites for women, as well as for a positive future for all El Paso.

Evening includes a traditional Mexican cuisine buffet & Live Music w/ Cieba . Tickets $25/person; $200/table (8 seats) call: 630-7048 or 512-395-5442 to reserve your tickets.
Thank you for your attention to our efforts to transform the current crisis facing low-income women workers and their families.
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