Mar 6, 2011

Urgent message regarding Juarez violence

By Kelly McKenzie/WLMJ
March 6, 2011

This is an urgent message for activists/advocates in relation to the violence in Mexico. According to confidential sources, a certain group in Mexico planned to carry out high-impact slayings in Juarez and other regions this year. The sources would not identify the group's members. The targets include activists (who represent any cause) and others. The high-impact crimes include more beheadings, massacres (to kill large groups of people), and murders of younger people and women. There are also dangerous members of the drug cartels in U.S. border communities who have remained under the radar but circulate freely in places like El Paso and Hudspeth counties in West Texas. These members are affiliated with groups involved in the high-impact crimes and are mingling with activists to blend in with regular people; some are relatives of activists. (end)