Apr 8, 2011

Mexico's body count exceeds 230,995 in 18 years

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PAN and PRI administrations account for totals

By Kelly McKenzie
WLMJ (04/08/2011)

Gustavo Madero, a prominent Mexican politician said during a debate in Mexico of multiparty leaders that 102,995 people died as a result of drug-related violence over the past nine years during which members of his party, the National Action Party or PAN, held the presidency.
 However, Madero said, under the previous nine years before PAN presidents came into power (Vicente Fox and Felipe Calderon), when presidents of the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) were in office, drug violence claimed about 128,000 lives.
 Notimex and other Mexican national media reported on the widely publicized debate's startling figures. It is the first time Mexican politicians disclosed historical homicide figures in the context of the drug trade.
 Madero did not clarify whether the numbers included people who are presumed dead after they were abducted (forcibly disappeared) by drug-traffickers and their associates.