Jun 21, 2011

U.S. trial showed inner workings of Barrio Azteca gang

[We received one of these questions from a reader and will respond since we are familiar with the background. Q: A newspaper in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, online had a story yesterday about the Barrio Azteca gang that alleges the gang collected quotas from 47 other gangs in El Paso. What do the authorities in El Paso, Texas, have to say about this?]
A: We believe the original source for this information came from an article in Mexidata in 2009. The Mexidata article states that the gang charged a "tax" to 47 street dealers, not 47 street gangs, which is correct. Considerable information about the gang's inner workings was revealed during the U.S. federal trial in El Paso against several gang leaders. As far as we know, the El Paso Times was the only news media that covered the entire trial under the byline of Daniel Borunda. (Here is a link to the Mexidata article http://mexidata.info/id2266.html) - J.J. Schwartz