Jul 6, 2011

Reporter from Juarez, Mexico, is granted asylum in Spain

Reporter from Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua, Mexico is granted asylum in Spain

By Kelly McKenzie
07062011/WLM News

JUAREZ, MEXICO - The government of Spain has granted political asylum to former Juarez reporter Rosa Isela Perez.
Perez, a respected and award-winning journalist, was forced to flee the border city after receiving numerous threats against her and her family.
She used to work for the newspaper El Norte de Ciudad Juarez.
Perez said the threats began after her newspaper published her stories about the femicides (women's murders) in Juarez.
The threats took on an ominous turn after she testified in the "campo algodonero" case (cotton field case) of 2001 for an international tribunal in 2009.
The Inter-American Commission for Human Rights and the Inter-American Court had agreed to review the complaints of three families whose daughters' bodies were found at the site on Ejercito Nacional and Paseo de la Victoria.
A total of eight young women's bodies were found there. None of the deaths were solved and the initial investigation was filled with serious errors. Some of the bodies were misidentified, and the two bus drivers that Chihuahua state officials had accused of killing the women turned out to be innocent; one of them died in jail.
The Inter-American Court for Human Rights ruled against Mexico in the case in 2010, and directed the government to reopen the investigation, something which has not happened.