Oct 14, 2011

Expert says serial killer may have cheated on IQ test

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By Diana Washington Valdez
El Paso Times (10/14/2011)

The fate of death row inmate David Leonard Wood could hinge on the testimony of forensic psychologist Thomas Allen, who testified Thursday that Wood is not mentally retarded.
Allen, who'd been on the stand for nearly 12 hours, said he based his finding on tests he administered to Wood and on his review of Wood's voluminous case file.
He testified that Wood exhibits "anti-social personality disorder" and that his full-scale IQ is 75. On parts of a recent battery of tests, Wood scored 80 on verbal comprehension and 86 on perceptual reasoning.
"The bottom line É 75 is the bottom line," Allen testified.
The score is significant because it puts Wood out of the 70 IQ range for mental retardation for purposes of his post-conviction appeal.
Allen said certain tests that Wood was given indicate Wood may have deliberately "dumbed down" his answers to help his case.....