Mar 23, 2012

Border drug wars topic at journalism conference in Fort Worth, Texas

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 For immediate release
 Subject: Author/Journalist Diana Washington Valdez at the Society of Professional
                Journalists Regional Conference March 24 in Fort Worth, Texas

(March 23, 2012) – Award-winning author and journalist Diana Washington Valdez will be a featured presenter at the Society of Professional Journalists Region 8 Conference on March 24 in Fort Worth, Texas. Her topic will be the border drug wars.
 Ms. Washington recently returned from a series of presentations in Spain related to the drug cartel wars and femicides in Mexico. She is the author of “The Killing Fields: Harvest of Women,” (Cosecha de Mujeres: Safari en el desierto Mexicano/Spanish version), and of the forthcoming book “Mexican Roulette: Last Cartel Standing.” She has received numerous international, national and regional journalism and community awards over the years, and has been interviewed by news media around the globe. She is featured in several documentaries and has collaborated on multimedia projects nationally and internationally.
 Ms. Washington Valdez, a member of SPJ/SDX,  is a veteran reporter for the El Paso Times in El Paso, Texas, and also teaches political science at the El Paso Community College.
During her stay in Fort Worth, she may be contacted at the 915-637-4473 (call or text), by Facebook or through the conference organizers.
The SPJ conference is at the Hilton Hotel in downtown Fort Worth.
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