Mar 2, 2016


Left and right meet at the same point

Super Tuesday's election results, at both ends of the political spectrum represented by GOP contender Donald Trump and Democratic Party candidate Bernie Sanders, share a common denominator: deep-seated fears over daily pocketbook issues. All the campaign talk about economic injustice and U.S. jobs lost to free trade, the restructuring of the American economy and uncertainty over the nation's economic future have coalesced in these two campaigns. Meanwhile, none of the candidates vying for the highest office have addressed the true concerns of Americans. Shifts in manufacturing and other anchor industries and developments in technology, have led to the extensive outsourcing of traditional jobs, all of which are being replaced with service-related work that generally pays less. The education of young people is at stake. What will they need to learn to succeed in tomorrow's workplace? What new skills can the current workforce assimilate to catch up? No matter what politicians promise, there is no turning back on any of these trends. This period of mega transition has been decades in the making. It doesn't help either that U.S. government and business leaders did such a poor job of preparing the country for these rapid and dramatic changes. The future is upon us. True leadership, rather than unrealistic campaign promises, will lay out a course for moving the nation forward, without leaving behind entire segments of the population.
- Digie Zone editors