Mar 4, 2016

Ex-DEA official: "Chapo Guzman" no longer feels safe in Mexico

Joaquin "Chapo" Guzman
The Digie Zone staff
March 4, 2016

His escape was planned

An article by La Jornada, Mexico's national daily, citing a story in The Guardian, a British daily, reports that a daughter of drug kingpin Joaquin "Chapo" Guzman, alleges that her father financed Mexican politicians.

The daughter, Rosa Isela Guzmán Ortiz, who lives in the United States, alleges that according to her father, his elaborate prison escape from a maximum security prison (using a tunnel) was arranged with corrupt officials.

She alleges in the article that he also told her that he had contributed to the election campaigns of several Mexican politicians who protected him, and that her father had visited her twice in the United States last year while he was a fugitive and before his recapture on Jan. 8.

The Guardian's initial interview with the daughter took place in 2015, according to the British daily's March 4 story.

With the recent article by actor Sean Penn in Rolling Stone, the interview with his wife on Telemundo, and the daughter's interview with a European daily, "Chapo" is proving to be as adept as Donald Trump at marshaling media publicity.

In an interview, Phil Jordan, former Drug Enforcement Administration official, said the fact that Guzman's lawyers keep telling news outlets that the drug lord is willing to be extradited to the United States probably means that Guzman no longer feels safe in Mexico.

"He could end up a dead man if he stays in a Mexican prison," Jordan said today. "He could also be an important source of intelligence for the U.S. government. The idea that his defense is negotiating terms for his extradition, such as asking to be put in a medium security facility, and for his relatives and lawyers to be allowed to visit him, indicates that he doesn't want to stay in Mexico anymore."

El Paso, Texas-based journalist Diana Washington Valdez contributed to this article.

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