Mar 7, 2016

Mexican government complains of bias in IACHR report on human rights

Officials express defensiveness, complain of bias

The Mexican government responded to the Interamerican Commission on Human Rights' (IACHR) report on Mexico's human rights crisis.

IACHR had provided the Mexican government with a draft copy of the report before the final version was to be published so that officials could prepare their responses.

Mexican officials in the government's 104-page response appeared defensive and complained about bias on the part of IACHR.

Extract from Mexico's response to report on human rights crisis:

"Thus, the bias in seeking to prove human rights violations, in the opinion of the State, prevented the IACHR from properly assessing the sources of information it had and even from using them impartially. 

"In regard to this specific point, the Mexican State believes that an important number of sources of information and their use by the Commission, do not comply with the requirements of trustworthiness and conviction of the IACHR’s own Rules of Procedure, which are essential in order for it to arrive at factual findings which can be upheld.

"In other words, the strictness with which the Commission issues conclusions and remarks, after the fact, lacks objectivity."

Posted by Digie Zone staff