Mar 7, 2016

Mexico's 'disappeared' numbers 27,798, IACHR reports

Disappeared or 'not located' number rising

During the visit, the IACHR was able to confirm that the disappearance of persons in large swaths of Mexican territory has reached critical levels. According to the National Registry of Disappeared or Missing Persons, the number of "not located" persons in Mexico, as of September 30 of 2015, was 27,798. 
In August, 2014, figures from the Attorney General's Office (PGR) reported 22,322 "not located" persons. Official figures combined with the information received from various regions of the country show that disappearances are widespread in Mexico.
 Especially serious is the extensive and consistent information the IACHR has received regarding the existence of a practice of forced disappearances at the hands of agents of the State, or with their participation, acquiescence, or tolerance. The State response to this situation presents serious deficiencies.

IACHR extract posted by Digie Zone staff