Apr 12, 2016

Border Patrol Local 1929 to consider opposing Trump endorsement by national union

State Rep. Bill McCamley
Elected officials urge Border Patrol union for New Mexico and West Texas to oppose the national Border Patrol union endorsement of Donald Trump
The Digie Zone Staff
April 12, 2016

LAS CRUCES, NEW MEXICO - New Mexico state Rep.
Bill McCamley, D-Doña Ana, confirmed on Facebook today that he is among the elected officials (reported first by the El Paso Times) that are asking Border Patrol Local 1929 members to go against their national union's endorsement of presidential candidate Donald Trump.

"I am one of the people who sent letters to the El Paso Border Patrol union (which represents New Mexico) urging them to refute Trump and was quoted in this story (referring to the El Paso Times). He will be bad for the economy and bad for public safety in our area," McCamley stated on Facebook.

"Thanks to the Border Patrol members who are standing up for civility and reason, and I hope that they vote for these values."

Donald Trump
The National Border Patrol Council published its endorsement on the organization's website. The council stated "There is no greater physical or economic threat to Americans today than our open border. And there is no greater political threat than the control of Washington by special interests. In view of these threats, the National Border Patrol Council endorses Donald J. Trump for President – and asks the American people to support Mr. Trump in his mission to finally secure the border of the United States of America, before it is too late."

El Paso City Rep. Lily Limon

Other officials who agree with McCamley's position include El Paso City Council Rep. Lily Limon.

McCamley's statement on Facebook is at