Oct 21, 2016

The Digie Zone responds to global readers

Dear global readers,

Thank you for your interest in our online publications as we continue to grow and expand. Your feedback is helping us to provide you with a great selection of informative and interesting topics.

We're a minority-owned and independent multimedia news and information organization. Our staff includes veteran journalists with a global view of people and events.

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Our publisher, Diana Washington Valdez, is an award-winning journalist and author with a long list of achievements. We persuaded her to reveal more about her professional life through her interesting memoir-journal blog at Diana Writes, which though new has attracted thousands of readers from around the world.

Eventually, we would like to include your stories and experiences about where you live, through blog links or actual posts that we can include in the DZ publications. We want everyone to know what's going on out there.

Other projects that are in progress or soon to launch include:

The West Mesa Murders Project at West Mesa serial murders and

The Gulf War Syndrome Project at The X Syndrome
Once again, our humble thanks to your our readers for a great start. You can read us on your mobile, tablet or PC. 

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