Sep 8, 2017

Digie Zone Network: A string of bad and worrisome news

Hotel in Oaxaca tumbles when
earthquake struck Mexico. (Photo
by Mexican Civil Defense) 

Special news selections compiled by The Digie Zone Network

Sept. 8, 2017

Descriptions and links

Trio of Hurricanes

‘Irma’ expected to be worse than ‘Andrew’

NOAA is tracking three hurricanes

Major earthquake strikes Mexico, strongest in 100 years

Death count rises; Mexico was still reeling from severe flooding

Mexico’s earthquake alert system

Video of Mexico ‘earthquake lights’

California and the potential “big one”

Cyber attacks

Cyber-attacks aimed at European energy sectors

Ukraine v. Russia

Ukraine suspects Russia is preparing for war

Unusual solar flares

Record solar flare hits the earth; 6th one reported Sept. 28

Cholera epidemic in Yemen exceeds 600,000

It’s a growing humanitarian crisis