Jan 26, 2018

Digie Zone Network March 6 election endorsements

Candidate for U.S. Congress Norma Chavez
The Digie Zone Network Endorses Norma Chavez for U.S. Congress-Democratic Primary

Norma Chavez is the only candidate running for representative of the U.S. Congressional District 16 who is qualified to hit the ground running on day one.

As a former Texas state legislator, she has a deep knowledge of the legislative process, and will not require an extensive learning curve to grasp the political and procedural essentials required of a freshman lawmaker in Washington, D.C.

She learned from her 14 years as a state legislator in Austin how to work with Democrats and Republicans to get things accomplished for El Paso. She garnered a lengthy list of legislative achievements and served on various key committees. She was involved in sponsoring and co-sponsoring legislation that directly benefited El Paso residents and institutions.

She understands the intricate role of lobbyists, and how they can work to help or hinder a community’s agenda. It is no surprise she hosted local radio programs in recent years, at times using these venues to communicate information that is of great importance to residents of El Paso and the broader border area.

From her early days as an organizer for the United Farm Workers, and her other ventures over the years, Chavez leaves no doubt that she will fight to the finish for what hard-working Americans want and need: access to affordable health care, trade pacts that protect workers and the environment, sensible and humane immigration reform, a strong national defense, positive relations with Mexico, and in the case of El Paso, a vibrant border that does not punish residents who contribute daily to the quality of life of a binational community.

Chavez is committed to protecting the “Dreamers” enrolled in the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security, programs that benefit thousands of El Paso residents, from young children to the elderly. She possesses an inherent sense of justice, and supports efforts to increase the minimum wage, equal pay for equal work for men and women, protections for victims of sexual harassment and sexual assault, and protections for Native American communities, including the Ysleta del Sur Pueblo (Tiguas).

Chavez demonstrated great courage in reentering the El Paso political arena, which is where she belongs. In her own words, Chavez may not the most eloquent speaker; but, her passion for helping others is unmatched and cannot be doubted. Today, she is a more seasoned politician who has weathered and learned from the storms of life and of her chosen profession.

El Paso voters are fortunate to have a competitive slate of candidates to choose from in the March 6 Democratic Party Primary Election. Norma Chavez has the best resume and experience to begin serving effectively on day one. She is prepared to both negotiate, and do battle when needed, in a legislative body controlled by political leaders that have little to nothing in common with the El Paso community.

Vote for Norma Chavez in the March 6 Democratic Party Primary Election

Candidate website Norma Chavez website

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