Jul 14, 2018

U.S. investigation: 12 Russian military officers indicted, Trump responds with Tweets

DOJ: U.S. Special Counsel's investigation leads to indictment against 12 Russian intelligence officers

Compiled by Diana Washington Valdez/Digie Zone Network

Rod Rosenstein
The U.S. Department of Justice indictment against 12 Russian military officers charged with hacking the email accounts of the Democratic Party's National Committee and others. 

The indictment charges that the officers were part of the  "Russian Federation," and were involved in orchestrating the computer hacks and U.S. election interference in 2016 to hurt Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton's chances of getting elected and help then GOP candidate Donald Trump win the presidency.

DOJ officials announced the indictment days before U.S. President Trump was preparing for a visit with Russia's Vladimir Putin in Helsinki, Finland. U.S. indictment v. 12 Russians

Video of July 13 news conference by U.S.  Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein that DOJ uploaded on its website. Rodstein news conference

The individuals charged in the indictment are presumed innocent until proven innocent in a court of law.

President Trump's reactions to the indictment via his Twitter account:

Donal Trump
President Trump's meeting with Putin is scheduled to take place July 16, at the Presidential Palace in Helsinki. The two leaders are expected to meet with only their translators. 

Lawmakers ask Trump to cancel his meeting with Putin, CBNC reported

Lawmakers worried about Putin meeting 

The Miami Herald reported July 13 that Russians mentioned in the U.S. indictment had ties to Florida. Miami Herald article

Axios explains background on "Guccifer 2.0" Who or what is Guciffer 2.0
Bitcoin use in hacks alleged by DOJ

Bitcoin used for hacks 

A good legal analysis of the U.S. Special Counsel's investigation Analysis

Probe into alleged Russian oligarch ties to U.S. election software vendor

In a possibly related matter, the Baltimore Sun reported today (July 14) that Maryland state officials are investigating the alleged ties of a Russian oligarch to an election software vendor in that state. Election software and Russian oligarch

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